Reality is the Irregularity of the Past.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dogless in Arcadia

Neither Suns, or any other parts then,
Should include the integrity bedim,
That we say by Justice holds smite,
Smitten ignorance, by this Danger's Sum;

Dogless in Arcadia! Kingdom come!
Thou shall not pass by the Child's Bedtime,
And in Consolation hold it Strangely,
This and that Nightmare stirred there Insanely;

For what Dog dost needs the Crying Child?
Or that, a puppy, the arms Grown beguile?
here’s in Nature been too deafly subscribed--
Herein Dogmatica, swift Fear doth Describe:

The unclean water and dirty apples,
Lions swaying from courage and leopards,
Sheppard the She-Wolves, becloud and cackle
Singular Orphans casted as Lepers?

Dogless in Arcadia, Know it Well
Fogless in Dogmatica's comings, Fail
Lost pets, Lost friends and all the dying breeds,
Like the growing dissident planting seeds

Dogless in Arcadia by which We strive;
Dogless in Arcadia by which to Bealive.

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